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Project Management

Taixin Mould appoints a project manager for each customer. The project manager records each processing step and conducts file management. The same person provides following services for the whole process from mould design to completion of the mould manufacture. If you have any doubts on mould technical affairs, please consult us at your convenience

In order to guarantee mould quality, we keep introducing manufacturing equipment, including fully automated digital control equipment. We guarantee each customer with high quality, short delivery period and low cost. The whole process of mould manufacturing is completed within our company. We are able to work for 24 hours without a break, and able to accept large numbers of orders and manufacture various complicated moulds of different sizes and precisions. In order to serve customers still better, we appoint designers, manufacturing engineers and quality engineers with relevant technical backgrounds and experiences for customers according to their products.

he types of moulds we have been manufactured are listed as follows: Plastic injection mould, Die Casting Mould, Hign Precision mould.

Taixin possesses a well-trained quality team, precision measuring machine. We watch ISO9001:2000 strictly and produce standard tooling and parts.

Throught assessing contract, we change customer's requirement into moulding standard and carry out it effectively during mould making. Reviewing our suppliers every 3 months to make sure all raw material meeting production need stably. Establishing process inspection for every process, let every worker inspect product quality by themselves, then inspect for each other as second. Measuring parts dimension, accuracy, surface finish by precice measurement equipment in order to meet precision moulds specification. Our quality systems are focused on the customer at all the times.

We locate Taixin as a learning organization.By training continuously, learning new science and technology, management way, Offering our customer with the most consummate quality and service is the end target of the whole employee of Gensun. With a fully equipped quality department and quality control procedures throughout the production process, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Employees play a vital role in our success and we are committed to continued investment in the business and it's people.

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