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We set up the goal to supply better molds for world customers

Zhejiang Huangyan Taixin Mould Co., Ltd is specialized in all kinds of plastic moulds and alluminium alloy moulds. Established for over 20 years, we have always pay great attention to company management and talent training. We have trained more than 20 mould disigners and 3D modelors, 15 senior mould technicians, and over 50 benchworkers. All workers in Taixin formed an innovation team with enthusiasm, who provide super service to customers with profession, innovation and coorperation.

With smart talents and international new idea, Taixin people continually absorb and learn from world advanced tech and customers’ feed back to perfect product quality, as well as after-sale service. We insisted on the standard that not the best, but better and better to keep up with world high technology. We set up the goal to supply better molds for world customers

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We're dedicated to update and expand products, services, meanwhile develop new production methods and establish a new management system.


We're focused on formation the way of working and managing so as to improve overall the efficiency of the enterprise.


We must also establish corresponding "integrity mechanisms", such as necessary rules and regulations and rewards and punishments.

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